Brighton is one of those places I have been desperate to visit for a very long time so I was beyond excited to go and explore. We stayed at the Queens Hotel, a beautiful hotel with stunning interiors. I really recommend staying here if you’re ever in Brighton, the staff are very helpful, the breakfast was delish and it’s amazing value for money. After seeing pictures online I was very excited to stay there and it was the perfect walking distance from the beach and the pier. We wanted to explore as much as possible so we sat on Trip Advisor for hours to work out the best places to visit while we were there. One place that quite a few people recommended for breakfast was The Breakfast Club. It had a really nice feel to it and the food was insane. The vibe was just as I like it, nice and chilled. 



A lot of time was spent exploring as there’s just so much to stumble upon in Brighton, but my favourite part was the lanes as it had Angel Food Bakery – an amazing bakery with incredible cupcakes and Little Beach Boutique – a cute gift shop with stunning jewellery. Also in the area is Boho Gelato – a traditional Italian ice cream parlour. Everyday at the shop they offer 24 Italian ice cream flavours and they boast an ever growing list of over 325 flavours. After standing there for what felt like forever trying to decide which flavours to go for, I opted for sea salt caramel and choc chip cookie and it may have been the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted! 


Close to our hotel was the British Airways i360, an observation tower with a futuristic glass viewing pod where you can admire 360 degree views across Brighton. Made by the team behind the London Eye, the 162m i360 is the tallest moving observation tower in the world – and only opened this summer. Once you’ve battled your way into the pod and found a good viewing spot, the pod gradually rises as you leave the beach behind and float high above the waves on your 20 minute flight. It takes about 6 minutes for the pod to reach its maximum height of 140 metres above ground level and during this time you start to see the fantastic view of the city emerge all around you. Once you reach the maximum height the pod slows to a halt and at this point the view is at its best. We had around 10 minutes at the very top of the i360 to enjoy the view in every direction or grab a drink at the luxury champagne bar. Me and my boyfriend spent a lot of time debating whether to go on this and we do not regret our decision! It’s not expensive, doesn’t take much time and is located just on the sea front. I am so glad we went on this attraction and it’s definitely an experience I will never forget. 





We decided to take a walk along the seaside path that runs west from Brighton into Hove. At the Western end there’s a long string of beach huts, most of which are brightly decorated. I found this the perfect opportunity to take plenty of pictures and seeing as we had walked about 30 minutes from our hotel, we thought we’d made the most of it. Making our way back to our hotel we came across the bandstand, and it was just as pretty as Zoella explained it in Girl online. 











As you can see, it was a pretty chilled few days filled with lots of food and shopping. It was lovely to just wander and see where we’d end up. I’ll no doubt be back in Brighton very soon, it’s such a delightful city. I don’t have many beaches where I live in Norwich so it was nice to have a change of surroundings. I posted a lot of images from my trip on Instagram if you want to see them. 
Anyone fancy a trip to the sea side?
Kyria xoxo

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